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1 Gallon AutoFlex Spray Wrap Pro A smooth, strong, flat substrate for unrivaled base coats, color coats, pearl coats and overall product build. Spray Wrap Pro™ is designed for experienced, semi professional users looking for the highest quality liquid wrap possible.

  • Auto-Leveling formula for a flat and smooth surface (perfect for following with AutoFlex™ Gloss or Matte TopCoats)
  • Ready to spray out of most HVLP compressor spray guns without need for reduction
  • Slick, smooth to the touch
  • Hard, strong finish
  • Excellent pearl suspension
  • Compatible with most available drop-in tint products (please test compatibility before using)
  • Advanced strength and durability
  • Great UV resistance and stability

* Spray Wrap Pro can be sprayed through electronic turbine sprayers, however resulting quality reduces along with reducing PSI output of turbine. Best results, of course, will be yielded with professional compressor spray guns


Un-opened This Product Has A Self Life of 12 Months From Purchase Date, Once Opened Use Within 1 Month

Recommended spray gun(s) Sata Hvlp, Devilbiss GTI
Recommended spray gun setup(s) 1.7 – 1.8
Recommended pressure(s) 1.7 – 2.0 bar
Average amount of product needed Motobike 1 Gallon High build Primer and 1 Gallon of SprayWrapPro or 2 Gallons of SprayWrapPro
Small size vehicle 2 Gallons High Build Primer and 2 Gallons of SprayWrapPro or 4 Gallons of SprayWrapPro
Medium size vehicle 2 Gallons High Build Primer and 3 Gallons of SprayWrapPro or 5 Gallons of SprayWrapPro
Large size vehicle 2 Gallons High Build Primer and 4 Gallons of SprayWrapPro or 6 Gallons of SprayWrapPro
Recommended amount of coats 3 coats of High build primer and 7 coats of Spray wrap Pro. or 10 coats of Spray Wrap pro
Recommended dry time between coats 10 minutes at 60C. or  Air drying is very dependent on the ambient temperature, Air dry until touch dry.
Recommended final dry time (before topcoat is applied) 30mins at 60C. or Air drying is very dependent on the ambient temperature, Air dry for a minimum of 1 hour to ensure majority of carriers have evaporated out of the coating.
Weight 4.125 kg


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